Tips for Men Planning Their First Visit to the Tailor

Every man deserves to have at least a few custom tailored suits, but those who have never visited a Custom Tailor often find the prospect of doing so somewhat intimidating. It doesn’t have to be; these professionals have only one goal in mind, and that is to help their customers get the custom-fitted suits they need to both look and feel more professional and more confident. Those who are feeling anxious at the idea of visiting a Singapore Tailor can read on to find a few helpful tips that might improve their experiences.

Seek Out Bespoke

While a custom suit can be anything from an altered off-the-rack, mass-produced suit to one that is carefully constructed from scratch, Bespoke Tailors will always fabricate his or her customers’ suits from the ground up using hand-drawn patterns to meet their bodies’ exact specifications. The end result is a far more refined product that incorporates all of the attributes a customer desires, whether they be exclusive fabrics, hidden pockets, or a particular fit.

Do Some Research

It’s a good idea for any customer looking for a bespoke suit to do some research prior to heading to a Tailor in Singapore. This is a simple matter of checking out some images for help deciding on a particular style. Having at least a general idea of whether the suit should be modern or traditional and what kinds of materials will be used to create it will help customers feel more at ease discussing their options with their tailors.

Think About Use

One of the first questions most tailors will ask their customers is when they will be wearing their suits. So, for example, a suit that is being created for a special occasion like a wedding can incorporate more intricate details such as special buttons, while a suit that is intended for daily wear at the office may prioritize comfort over fashion. Those who tend to feel uncomfortable in formal suits can also bring this up to their tailors for help deciding on materials and cuts that may improve their comfort.

Be Honest About Measurements

Many men make the mistake of sucking in their bellies or otherwise attempting to alter their physical attributes on their first trips to the tailor. This is a huge mistake, as tailors are entirely capable of designing suits that compensate for any physical insecurities their customers may have, but these suits absolutely must be created according to their actual measurements.


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